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nline logo making services work much like traditional logo makers offline.Well.i choose one of the best for my firm,and tested out their services.Waww.. i was quite surprised by the way ,they made me an awesome logo.48hourslogo is my favorite online logo making service now, mostly because everything about it is so simple, especially its pricing ,detailing,cost effective plans and feature i will give you a brief review about their service.If you’re concerned about creating a powerful logo online being complicated or confusing, you’re going to love 48hourslogo.

Many people rave about 48hourslogo’s Online logo making services -The logo design contest by 48hourslogo is too famous. they’ve been popular options for a very long time. My experience has been similarly positive.As you build your company and website, you probably want to present something unique, something that is memorable about your company image. Many companies choose to create a logo to identify their brand and company. But often, creating an original logo when you are first starting out is too expensive. 48hourslogo spell out a very detailed process, which inspires confidence. Plus, they have customer feedback and ratings right alongside each package choice. They have designed over 45,000 logos.48hourslogo does a good job of explaining how the logo design process works and what you can expect.You may Start an online logo design contest for only $29 and receive logo concepts within hours!.Here check out their logo design portfolio .www.48hourslogo.com2397

48hourslogo is simply the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to a beautiful, custom designed logo. More than 15 thousand small businesses and entrepreneurs have taken the advantage of our amazing logo design service, and made us one of top logo contest websites on the Internet.48hourslogo was started in 2010 with a small team of freelance logo designers. Launching the website with a unique style of crowdsourcing the design works, We began attract other designers from all over the world. More than 15 thousand small business owners and entrepreneurs have taken the advantage of our amazing logo design service which helped us quickly grown to be one of top logo design websites on the Internet.

A professional and creative logo add to a brands value. DIY should be avoid in this case as people with less or no knowledge about Photoshop,color combinations etc will screw the entire logo.The free options are always a big no as they look crappy and spoil the brand image.I am also finding that our creative community is made up of many fascinating and talented designers ranging from the agency art director who enjoys having his/her own projects on the side, professionals who were laid off during the recession and looking to earn additional income, stay-at-home mom’s who enjoy designing while the kids sleep to truck drivers by day and designer by night to fulfill a passion. Many designers benefit from the collaborative approach that allows messages, feedback and ongoing revisions.

And if you have opt 48hourslogo as your service provider ( i recomend you that ) please keep in mind to protect the logo and brand with a federally registered trademark. It is important that the newly-created logo does not infringe on another’s intellectual property.

What i can conclude is free logo making services or softwares are good for people who simply want to fill space on their business cards, but for people who want serious branding, a brand identity professional like 48hourslogo is ideal.And here you may start your logo design . My personal opinion on choosing a best option for making online logos is, it’s important to invest in good branding. I’m not saying you have to spend thousands of dollars to do it. But even hiring a freelancer will give you a much more polished, professional and customized look than trying to use a free font generator. Although these tools will save you money initially, I think it will cost you in credibility.

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