Brain drain from India

Some time ago, online and offline media carried the story of how india was the largest exporter of CEOs and top executives, This is because india remains a difficult place to work for honest, hardworking people as their resume and retirement savings will be stolen by greedy lazy mediocre well connected good looking cheater men and women, who will then get fraudulently appointed to important government jobs. Having excellent grades in school, being the physics topper will not help prevent the theft of resume,

These well connected frauds like siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina, brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar were too mediocre and lazy to build their own resume, yet they manage to get fraud powerful officials, their friends and relatives steal the resume of a honest hardworking competent person. In other countries, the competent honest hardworking person would have flourished, yet in India the person has to waste her time, money and energy fighting the fraud powerful officials,and the lazy greedy cheaters who have stolen her resume and are unwilling to acknowledge or correct their fraud.

Why does a democracy like India allow the theft of resumes of honest harmless civilians, to appoint mediocre frauds to important government jobs. Why does the government only pay lip service to preventing brain drain, while wasting tax payer money to make india a very difficult place to live . why is a harmless civilian rated highly professional subjected to human rights abuses daily, as her cruel fraud engineering classmates attack her wasting tax payer money to cover up the theft of her resume for call girls who sleep with these classmate, while remaining anonymous. No wonder middle class hardworking civilian families prefer to migrate abroad

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