5 SHAMELESS GREEDY FRAUD states have CRIMINALLY DEFAMED the goa 1989 jee topper to get raw/cbi jobs for lazy greedy high status frauds from the state

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the assam mizoram border dispute is only the tip of the disputes and enemies between the states in india and multiple states in india are extremely ruthless in CHEATING, EXPLOITING hardworking professionals from the poorest communities after criminally defaming them in the worst manner
In one of the greatest educational frauds, criminal defamation cases, government slaveries in the world, 5 SHAMELESS GREEDY FRAUD states goa, karnataka, madhya pradesh, haryana, maharashtra have CRIMINALLY DEFAMED the goa 1989 jee topper, a harmless hardworking single woman engineer in the worst manner, to get lucrative raw/cbi jobs for lazy greedy high status frauds from the state impersonating the single woman engineer, falsely claiming to own her paypal, bank account, domains since 2010
Allegedly bribed by the indian tech and internet companies allegedly led by tata, google, the LIAR states have been extremely vicious in making up fake stories to criminally defame the harmless single woman like
– security threat for making very less money, when gujju domain fraudster amita patel charges Rs 6 lakh per person without being labelled a security threat
– cheating with onions domain, when they cannot even name the person cheated
– domains, bank account belongs to ntro/raw employees who HATE the single woman, have never helped or contacted her
– fake teams using stolen data, CYBERCRIME to justify government slavery, when the government agencies have isolated the single woman so that no one will help her at all in panaji, goa

It is time that people, companies and countries are aware that some indian state governments are LIARS criminally defaming professionals from the poorest and most powerless communities in the worst manner to CHEAT, EXPLOIT, ROB them for the rest of their lives.