When you are in college, you do not really have much time to hold down a job that lasts longer than part time each week. Even part time can be really hard to do, depending on what your school load is like. Either way, I have to be extremely picky with what I spend my money on. I really like to pay attention to what is going on with the best Cyber Monday deals 2015 sales and ads to try to save a lot of money on a couple of things I need for school work.

I am in my third year of school and need a new laptop. It’s so strange to me how fast technology becomes outdated. The one that I have now was brand new when I was in my first year of school, but spending long hours on it for research and homework has caused it to slow down. I have been trying to treat it as gently as possible so that I could wait until Cyber Monday to get a new one. It is pretty much a given that at least a few stores will offer them during this popular sale.

As much as I love laptops, I do have to do a lot of reading for my classes. Some of the textbooks that we get are now available in ebook fashion only, and there is no paper version of the book that has been created. It is times like this where reading on my computer can become hard to do, and a tablet becomes very important. I have been scrimping and saving all throughout this year so that I can get a new one of those, too. When the sale day takes place in a few weeks, I am planning to be online and ready to make my order quickly so that I can get both things that I need.

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