Though India has the second largest population in the world, independent India has no science Nobel prize winner, because the all powerful indian intelligence agencies take a sadistic pleasure in destroying the life of any brilliant honest hardworking person and reward mediocre lazy greedy cheaters. The most powerful officials in intelligence agencies in India behave in an extremely unscientific manner, like uneducated people living thousands of years ago, making a mockery of the educational system.
Education, especially in science and technology does not depend on the courses a person has taken, college attended, exams passed, for the indian intelligence agencies, references alone will make a person an experienced engineer. So if a powerful official is infatuated with a lazy greedy mediocre cheater, half his age, and falsely claims that she was his engineering college classmate, indian intelligence agencies blindly believe the lies of these dishonest officials. They do not even try to verify the claims of these officials and their mediocre friends independently, giving these mediocre inexperienced fraud friends and relatives great powers .

On the other hand, if many of the powerful male classmates hate a brilliant experienced single woman engineer and refuse to give her references, the incompetent indian intelligence agencies blindly believe the lies of the jealous and powerful male classmates. Just because her male classmates are jealous of her, hate her and want to destroy her life, why does a woman stop being an experienced engineer? Why dont the indian intelligence agency officials handle the matter more professionally and objectively, realize that a prejudiced person cannot be relied on.

Just because jealous powerful men hate a brilliant woman engineer, officials are wasting tax payer money to destroy her life. There may be many such brilliant persons whose life is being destroyed, while incompetent fools with fake resumes are given great powers. When tax payer money is wasted in India to destroy the life of the most brilliant and innovative persons in the country, naturally only mediocre lazy frauds will flourish. So naturally independent India has no science Nobel prize winner.

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