India is paying a huge amount of money to France with a population of 67 million for the high tech rafale aircraft, because India despite having a huge population of more than 1300 million it cannot develop similar aircraft in India. It is not related to population because China is able to develop at least some aircraft, The Chinese leaders and officials have vision, so though china and India were almost at the same level in aircraft three decades ago, in 2019, China is far ahead of India in aircraft and other defence technologies.

France with a population of 67 million develops hitech rafale aircraft because unlike India it does not falsely claim that lazy greedy google, tata supplied goan call girls, school dropouts, robbers,cheaters and frauds are experienced engineers from top colleges, to pay all these frauds monthly government salaries at the expense of the hardworking engineer who is criminally defamed and held a virtual prisoner for more than 9 years, unable to do any technical work at all.

This is because the indian government is extremely brazen in identity theft of harmless hardworking experienced engineers from top colleges, wasting crores of taxpayer money tod falsely claim that lazy greedy google, tata supplied goan call girls, school dropouts like naina chadan , robbers like indore housewife veena,cheaters and frauds who did not answer JEE have the resume, savings of the experienced engineer to pay all the frauds a monthly raw/cbi salary at the expense of the engineer.

To cover up the identity theft fraud on the engineer with a good JEE rank, the LIAR FRAUD SEX ADDICT top ntro, raw, cbi, security agency employees are extremely ruthless in ensuring that the experienced engineer gets no paid work in India at all, since they want to make the engineer broke and agree to identity theft.These section 420 shameless LIAR security, intelligence and NTRO employees are also involved in a banking fraud on the engineer which can be legally proved

Since the indian governmnent is beating nazi germany atrocities on jews in its identity theft fraud on the engineer whose identity, memory is ROBBED, countries worldwide are taking pity on the victim of the indian government fraud since 2010, and giving her some work, though it is low end work. The hardworking experienced engineer is not allowed to get any paid work in India, anyone who gives her paid work in India is threatened and harassed by the corrupt cruel dishonest intelligence and security agencies

So as long top as Indianintelligence and security agencies are allowed to continue with their fraud of falsely claiming that lazy greedy cheater housewives like nayanshree hathwar 2005 bbm, veena, riddhi caro nayak, school dropouts like naina chandan, call girls, fraud raw/cbi employees who never answered JEE are experienced engineers, india will never develop high tech equipment, and will always import Rafale and other high tech defence equipment

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