Advice to physics toppers

Advice to physics toppers in school and college, winners of physics competitions in India and abroad, about how Google , Tata, Paypal allegedly destroy the life of physics toppers in India and ensure that academically mediocre cheaters who cannot even write in proper english are rewarded with very important government jobs for cheating, corporate espionage. The science/physics, toppers, who may have studied in top colleges in IIT, find it difficult to fight back as the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector falsely claim that these cheaters were physics toppers. Even a basic check will prove that the extremely pampered frauds in the indian internet sector who hold important government jobs, are extremely mediocre, and their academic record has been faked by their powerful friends and relatives

Google, tata, paypal will allegedly bribe the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector to falsely claim that their inexperienced mediocre lazy cheater girlfriends have the academic record, experience, qualification, investment and skills of science toppers, to appoint the frauds to important government jobs, so that these cheater women can join these dishonest powerful officials in harassing the science topper wasting infinite indian tax payer money in the process.

These officials are shameless cheaters who will never acknowledge their mistake, that is why India, despite having a large population cannot develop much technology of its own. Much smaller countries like israel develop their own technology and can export to india as merit will be rewarded in these countries and mediocre cheater frauds are not rewarded with important government jobs faking their experience, skills, qualification.

It appears that the problem of faking experience, qualification, skills, is the worst in the defence sector, as a result of which india is the largest importer of military and defense equipment, as very little high quality local equipment can be developed by mediocre well connected frauds who fake experience, skills, qualification. This has to be expected as the best science toppers in India are subjected to harassment, human rights abuses and powerful officials are free to claim that lazy greedy mediocre frauds, their girlfriends and relatives were the science topper, when these women were academically mediocre.

While these officials can give fake references of experience in a few hours, and their cheater girlfriends will draw government salaries for the rest of their lives, as reward for cheating, lies and corporate espionage, it does not change the fact that these women are mediocre conwoman who may be experts at seducing powerful men and cheating honest people , they do not have any work ethic, knowledge, skills, expertise or brilliance to develop any technology or product. Due to extremely poor systems and allegedly bribes by google, tata, paypal, the indian military and intelligence agencies may want to pay well connected inexperienced mediocre cheater housewives like nayanshree hathwar, fraud diploma holders siddhi mandrekar, bsc pass sunaina highly inflated salaries, wasting indian tax payer, falsely claiming that these cheater women are IIT graduates with twenty years experience, when these inexperienced fraud women would have never got admission to a top college like IIT. Why can indian tax payer money be wasted on paying highly inflated salaries to cheater women with powerful friends and relatives.

These dishonest officials will shamelessly misuse the name of the science topper, behind her back, faking concern, but refuse to provide any information to him or her, despite the topper making many requests. However these same officials will readily provide the same information to their pampered mediocre cheater girlfriends, as a result of which the science topper will be at a very great disadvantage compared to the mediocre well connected frauds like nayanshree hathwar, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina . Why should the science topper suffer for the rest of her life, if her shameless jealous dishonest engineering college classmates hate her, and are extremely infatuated with lazy mediocre cheater women who they want to make very rich and powerful overnight at the expense of their classmate who they hate

For example allegedly google has rewarded bangalore cheater housewife nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, for cheating a single woman engineer of more than Rs 1,1 lakh, with an important government job, falsely claiming that the cheater nayanshree hathwar has an IIT Bombay 1993 degree, when actually the mediocre nayanshree hathwar who has no engineering degree, experience, and would have never got admission into IIT. Due to the false references from powerful officials, even bangalore cybercrime will be misled that the fraud nayanshree hathwar is an iiT Bombay 1993 engineer and refuse to take action against the cheater despite providing proof.

Hence physics toppers are advised to avoid the indian internet sector like plague at present, at least till google, tata, paypal stop supporting and protecting mediocre lazy frauds in a very cheap impersonation attempt on science toppers. the greedy ruthless cheater nayanshree ,siddhi , sunaina and their powerful boyfriends and relatives will never justify their fraud in an open discusssion , but waste unlimited tax payer money to harass, cheat harmless civilians and steal their hard earned money.None of the people listed can justify their great fraud in an open debate . In the indian internet sector science toppers are viciously defamed, cheated and exploited as fools, and academically mediocre cheaters are heroines to the most important officials and companies in the indian internet sector who will never justify their FRAUD in an open debate, but cunningly abuse their powers . If the statement is incorrect, kindly contact the webmaster

More career advice can be provided by an experienced engineer who has worked with the largest companies in India. Unlike the pampered mediocre lazy frauds who have fraudulently got important government jobs in the indian internet sector, faking experience, the linkedin profile of the science topper and engineer who has been brutally cheated and exploited by shameless powerful men can be provided, Kindly send your offer or request for information to, or use the contact form
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