Officials desperately trying to trace domain investor for memory robbery

In an impersonation and resume fraud since 2010, the domain investor is subjected to the most horrific human rights abuses, her memory is stolen without a court order and transferred to housewives and other frauds who do not spend any time and money doing computer work, yet get monthly salaries for making fake claims. Tired of the endless harassment, exploitation, the domain investor has left goa, and the officials are desperately trying to trace her so that they continue with the
memory robbery, so they are sending a large number of books for review, so that they can trace her address. Earlier, she would not receive review requests regularly.

Engineers from top college plan financial fraud

The sheena bora murder case has become a classic example of the lack of ethics, personal integrity in Indian society, An honest person is the exception in India today, some engineers from top colleges are greater frauds than Indrani Mukherjea, ruthlessly betraying and exploiting their classmate to make their mediocre lazy greedy friends rich and powerful overnight at the expense of their classmate who they hate .

These engineers are directors of companies, hold important jobs, yet they have no qualms abusing their great powers and wasting tax payer money to grab all the assets of their harmless hardworking engineering college classmate, encouraging and rewarding people for making false allegations against her without any proof at all to ruin her reputation .

These cunning engineers then falsely claim to know her very well, so that they can steal her resume for all the fraud women they are infatuated with, to deny their classmate the opportunities she deserved. they also steal the retirement savings of the single woman engineer without a court order to blackmail her to agree to their unfair identity theft agreement. It has taken the engineer 5 years to realize the fraud of the top officials, and the harsh fact that these officials are unlikely to admit their mistake
Thus in India, being a science topper, does not mean that the person is honest, he may be the greatest fraud in the world

Leonardo da Vinci Competition

The Leonardo da Vinci Competition was a Canadian national competition that asked questions of an engineering nature and requiring skill in mathematics physics and chemistry.

Students with an interest in engineering are expected to participate in the competition and students who are interested in science and mathematics who have not considered a career in engineering may also take part .

The duration of the examination was 2 hours in length and consisted of 15 multiple-choice questions. It was be written at participating schools. The exam questions are prepared and reviewed by a committee of University of Toronto engineering professors.

The examination questions measured the ability of participants to solve engineering oriented problems. The questions draw on the content and concepts from senior high school science and mathematics courses. However some questions required concepts beyond those subjects. The examination was designed to be suitable for students in both semestered and non-semestered schools.