A Thorough Listing Piqued My Interest

I looked at a few different recruitment agencies in Bristol before knowing that there was only one that I wanted to be a part of. I read the history of each recruitment agency, and I just really liked where the two co-founders were coming from with the recruitment agency that I ended up going with. It helps to know that the ones who are helping you find the job you want have been in the exact same position at one point in their own careers. Both partners have worked their way up, and now they are in a position to help others who are either just starting out or need to find a new job in the finance field.

I like the ease and simplicity of their website too. Everything is very easy to navigate, and there are a lot of helpful sections to it that have really aided in getting me where I am at today. What I like the most is the partners take their time to make sure that what they have are quality positions and positive matches. I like that they are very thorough in listing all of the jobs that they promote too.

It is this thoroughness that made me investigate a job that I might have passed up because it was just too ‘entry level’ for me. Because of all the details though, I knew that if I was offered this position, that it was just to get me used to everything from the ground up. I actually have no problem with that, and I like that a company thinks that way. I did apply, and I was hired on after a very successful interview. I have worked my way up to three new levels, and I already have my sites on my next goal now.

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