Why did pampered lazy greedy Goan GSB FRAUD riddhi not study for her engineering degree?

‘GSB officials like to falsely claim that they have succeeded because of education, yet the goodlooking goan GSB fraud riddhi is a classic example of a cheater who has got a lucrative job in R&AW faking her engineering degreee, The good looking GSB fraud riddhi with her permed hair was too lazy and mediocre to get admission to even the worst engineering degree college in India, yet her shameless fraud relatives and friends viciously defamed a brilliant obc engineer to falsely claim that the GSB goan fraud riddhi has the impressive resume of the OBC engineer,
Now the obc engineer finds that all her phone calls, smses are diverted to GSB fraud riddhi who demands a bribe for delivery or impersonates the obc engineer
So an open challenge to all the GSBs who proudly boast about their education, why is no action taken against the lazy greedy goan GSB fraud riddhi faking her engineering degree to steal the resume of a brilliant hardworking obc engineer and get a job allegedly in R&AW and great powers for her fraud?
A look alike of the shameless greedy lazy goan GSB fraud riddhi has been posted hoping that the fraud and her powerful shameless GSB family and friends stop falsely claiming that the greeedy GSB fraud riddhi is an experienced engineer, webmaster, Paypal account holder and domain investor to give the mediocre lazy riddhi great powers

When will the goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, their powerful families and friends Admit the harsh truth that like the other lazy greedy mediocre GSB fraud siddhi mandrekar, the good looking GSB fraud riddhi has got the lucrative job in R&AW only because she is a lazy greedy well connected brahmin from a powerful fraud GSB family who specialize in viciously defaming and torturing brilliant OBC engineers, especially bhandari and then falsely claiming the mediocre lazy GSB cheaters have the impressive resume of the brilliant obc engineer
Why does the obc engineer find that her phone calls are diverted to the lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, who make it impossible to speak to anyone on phone, getting directions to reach a place, why are the lazy greedy gsb frauds given so many powers for doing nothing except cheating and lies.

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