Often harmless honest brilliant professionals labelled a security threat in India

In most countries people who are academically brilliant are valued, encouraged, however in India due to the negative attitude of the indian intelligence and security agencies, if a person is academically brilliant a huge amount of tax payer money is wasted to destroy their life, ruin their personal and professional reputation, making fake allegations without proof.
Though the case of Sameer Sardana has been highlighted in the goan media there are other academically brilliant people, especially those who are single, who are ruthlessly defamed, cheated and exploited, making it extremely difficult to earn a fair living. Sameer Sardana was a chartered accountant and the CA exams are considered to be extremely tough, the officials falsely accusing him, did not give him, as a brilliant and well qualified professional the benefit of doubt, and wasted a huge amount of indian tax payer money, trying to frame him.
According his version of the story, he is a consultant dealing with a number of companies,yet the media did not tell his version of the story initially, repeating the police version, When the security agencies are making fake allegations without any proof, why is no action taken against the incompetent officials making fake allegations. Now the media reported that he is finding it difficult to book a hotel room, because he is being defamed in the media as a terrorist and his passport has been confiscated. He said would be consulting his father,Major General A.N.Sardana a retired senior Army official, and deciding whether a defamation case is to be filed against the goa police/ATS for ruining his reputation.

A brilliant single woman obc engineer, domain investor and Paypal account holder has also been similarly defamed, tortured by the incompetent, careless and dishonest intelligence and security agency officials in Goa and elsewhere. These cunning officials are not taking any action in writing because they are aware that they have no evidence against her and they could face a defamation case, if they made allegations without proof. However in Goa for the last 4 years, her phones, smses are being diverted and stolen by fraud officials making it extremely difficult for the harmless single woman engineer to lead a normal life, earn a fair living.

sameer sardana case confirms brilliant single middle aged professionals are harassed, persecuted in India

The sameer sardana case which was covered extensively in the goan media confirms that single middle aged, academically brilliant professionals in india are targetted for defamation without proof, harassment, exploitation and cheating for years by powerful fraud intelligence and security agency officials. These officials will make fake allegations without any proof at all initially, have the news broadcast and published everywhere to ruin the reputation of the person for the rest of his or her life,
Now it has been proved that sameer sardana had only one valid passport, others were cancelled.
For the 7 sim cards, only 2 sim cards are valid in India, and many indian citizens have 3-4 sim cards issued if they are living in different areas to reduce call charges for local calls
A lot of resources have been wasted trying to find a terror link, however the suspect may just be an ordinary citizen who is subjected to so much harassment, torture that he is behaving in abnormal manner trying to escape the all powerful security and intelligence agency officials who are stalking and harassing him all over india, often using extremely high tech weapons which the mainstream media will not write about.

Backward class professionals,students who do not use reservation are harassed more

The suicide of Rohith vemula confirmed that in india brilliant backward class professionals who do not use reservation are targetted for persecution with the shameless fraud SEX BRIBE TAKING CBI, r&aw, ntro, security agency officials wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer to falsely claim that mediocre lazy greedy backward class SEX BRIBE GIVERS like the lazy greedy GOAN obc bhandari SEX BRIBE GIVER R&AW employee bsc sunaina in her twenties has a btech 1993 EE degree to justify the wastage of indian tax payer money on a lazy greedy goan obc bhandari fraud whose greatest achievement in life will be having SEX with powerful fraud ntro officials.

Why are the fraud cbi, r&AW, ntro, security agency officials behaving like SEX MANIACS falsely claiming that bsc sunaina with no engineering degree, who has SEX with them, has the resume, investment of a single woman obc engineer with a btech 1993 ee degree, wasting a huge amount of tax payer money in the process,
Why dont these powerful ntro,cbi and other officials truthfully tell all the internet and other companies that the lazy greedy goan obc bhandari slut R&AW employee bsc sunaina is extremely mediocre, with no experience, no investment yet has SEX with some of the most powerful men in the indian internet sector, in ntro elsewhere, and these men are infatuated with the lazy greedy goan obc bhandari slut sunaina,

Why does the brilliant hardworking obc bhandari single woman engineer who actually has the btech 1993 EE degree, owns domain names and the Paypal account have to waste her time and money exposing the impersonation, sex bribe fraud of the lazy greedy goan obc bhandari R&AW employee bsc sunaina? Why do cbi, ntro, R&AW waste so many resources to promote the lazy greedy mediocre OBC bhandari GOAN SEX BRIBE GIVER bsc sunaina?

Educated people targetted for defamation, harassment, stalking

Though the Goan media has highlighted the arrest of the CA Sameer Sardana , the indian media has refused to cover the fact that harmless well educated individuals in India, especially middle aged are mercilessly defamed without proof, cheated, exploited, terrorized and tortured by the shameless fraud greedy indian intelligence and security agencies.

These brilliant hardworking individuals are targetted especially if they have saved some money for their old age and have powerful enemies who may be their powerful classmates who hate them, or companies like google, tata which want to destroy competition or acquire talent and technology cheaply. Few can match the indian security and intelligence agencies in making up completely fake stories to defame an innocent harmless person trying to earn a living.

With advances in technology ntro officials can abuse their powers to stalk and torture any person in any place in India if they have been bribed to do so. The pain caused by these cruel criminal cowardly ntro officials is very great, so to escape the slow murder by these criminal ntro officials, a person may be forced to travel. Staying in a railway rest room may be one way to escape the torture of these criminal officials. In the indian internet sector, human rights abuses causing very great pain, are extremely widespread.

So instead of being a terrorist out to cause trouble, the CA Sameer sardana may be himself a victim, trying to escape some extremely powerful enemies who want to destroy his life or harm him. There are two sides of the story and it is always better to hear both the sides of the story, and check the evidence and then take a decision . There are more severe problems like the bank atm frauds which are causing real financial losses, if a person has no place to stay he may just be trying to survive.