Indian government takes pride in making engineers with good JEE rank do low end work

The poor quality of the top indian leaders and officials is exposed when they are wasting crores of rupees of taxpayer money annually to force the best engineers in the country to do extremely low end work. If the engineer does not do the low end writing work, for customers outside India, she will not get any kind of paid work at all and will be subjected to identity theft, lose all her savings of twenty years or more.

Indian and goan government takes great pride in making experienced engineers with a good JEE rank do extremely low end work, falsely claiming that google, tata call girls, school dropouts and other frauds have the resume, savings, skills, experience of the engineer to pay them raw/cbi salaries, and then imports defence equipment worth billions of dollars like Rafale from countries like France, whose population is only 67 million compared to india’s 1300 million

France develops hitech equipment because unlike india it does not falsely claim PROSTITUTES, call girls, robbers, cheaters are experienced engineers from top colleges and it also does not force its best engineers from top colleges do extremely low end work, because government employees like caro, mandrekar, nayak, hathwar, kodancha ensure that the engineer gets no other paid work in the country at all for 9 years wasting crores of indian taxpayer money

Additionally the indian government refuses to admit the fact that the engineer is actually doing the low end work, falsely claiming that the google, tata supplied call girl, robber, cheater, school dropout raw/cbi employees, who are not spending any time doing computer work, are hardworking, excellent writers when they are only excellent sex service providers with ntro employees addicted to sex services or getting bribes.

It shows the lack of vision, honesty and humanity of the top Indian leaders and officials that they refuse to end the fraud which has continued for 9 years since 2010.