Though some medical professionals in Goa are dismissing the migraine, headache, memory loss of the obc engineer as a psychological problem in a clear case of medical negligence, being an experienced engineer, the harmless single woman obc engineer is able to reverse engineer and analyze the problem scientifically looking at the proof available
– pain only experienced in panaji, goa
– no pain in other places in goa – dabolim, porvorim, khandepar
– almost no pain in other states
– pain usually experienced after connecting to the internet
– pain experienced after saving content on the hard disk
– pain experienced after receiving large paypal payment

If there was internal problem in the body of the obc engineer, she would experience the pain wherever she went, in other places in goa and other states. The pain is experienced only in Panaji, goa indicating that there is an environmental problem . The environmental factor causing the pain is not visible to the eye, indicating that a gas or radiation is causing the pain. Due to diffusion, gas will affect every person, so it indicates that only radiation could be causing the pain.

The problems caused by high radiation levels have been documented in great detail online and offline, so it indicates that high tech radiation weapons are being used repeatedly only in panaji, goa to track and attack the harmless obc engineer causing great pain. This indicates that one or more officials in panaji, goa have been assigned the task of stalking the harmless single woman obc engineer and attacking her to cause great pain, memory loss and ruin her life.

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