Though ntro officials are extremely powerful, these incompetent, corrupt, greedy shameless ntro officials do not deserved their engineering degree. If bribed by corporates, allegedly google, tata these corrupt dishonest officials like j srinivasan will make completely fake black money accusations against their classmate who they hate .

Science and engineering is based on proof or evidence which is legally valid, yet after 5 years these fraud ntro officials cannot find any proof against their female obc engineering college classmate who they hate, yet they continue to make completely fake black money allegation, to defame, cheat, exploit, harass and torture their classmate. These powerful fraud men now falsely claim that goan sex bribe givers,siddhi sunaina, brahmin and other cheaters have the resume of their btech 1993 EE classmate

These ntro officials who have a Btech 1993 Ee degree are behaving like illiterate village gossips when they repeat lies against their classmate without any proof at all, just because they have been bribed to do so by large corporate.

Not only has tax payer money been wasted to educate their fraud men, who continue to behave like uneducated gossips, they should be stripped of their engineering degrees, so that no one takes their fake black money accusations against their engineering college classmate seriously

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