Educated people targetted for defamation, harassment, stalking

Though the Goan media has highlighted the arrest of the CA Sameer Sardana , the indian media has refused to cover the fact that harmless well educated individuals in India, especially middle aged are mercilessly defamed without proof, cheated, exploited, terrorized and tortured by the shameless fraud greedy indian intelligence and security agencies.

These brilliant hardworking individuals are targetted especially if they have saved some money for their old age and have powerful enemies who may be their powerful classmates who hate them, or companies like google, tata which want to destroy competition or acquire talent and technology cheaply. Few can match the indian security and intelligence agencies in making up completely fake stories to defame an innocent harmless person trying to earn a living.

With advances in technology ntro officials can abuse their powers to stalk and torture any person in any place in India if they have been bribed to do so. The pain caused by these cruel criminal cowardly ntro officials is very great, so to escape the slow murder by these criminal ntro officials, a person may be forced to travel. Staying in a railway rest room may be one way to escape the torture of these criminal officials. In the indian internet sector, human rights abuses causing very great pain, are extremely widespread.

So instead of being a terrorist out to cause trouble, the CA Sameer sardana may be himself a victim, trying to escape some extremely powerful enemies who want to destroy his life or harm him. There are two sides of the story and it is always better to hear both the sides of the story, and check the evidence and then take a decision . There are more severe problems like the bank atm frauds which are causing real financial losses, if a person has no place to stay he may just be trying to survive.