sameer sardana case confirms brilliant single middle aged professionals are harassed, persecuted in India

The sameer sardana case which was covered extensively in the goan media confirms that single middle aged, academically brilliant professionals in india are targetted for defamation without proof, harassment, exploitation and cheating for years by powerful fraud intelligence and security agency officials. These officials will make fake allegations without any proof at all initially, have the news broadcast and published everywhere to ruin the reputation of the person for the rest of his or her life,
Now it has been proved that sameer sardana had only one valid passport, others were cancelled.
For the 7 sim cards, only 2 sim cards are valid in India, and many indian citizens have 3-4 sim cards issued if they are living in different areas to reduce call charges for local calls
A lot of resources have been wasted trying to find a terror link, however the suspect may just be an ordinary citizen who is subjected to so much harassment, torture that he is behaving in abnormal manner trying to escape the all powerful security and intelligence agency officials who are stalking and harassing him all over india, often using extremely high tech weapons which the mainstream media will not write about.