Brilliant engineers who have studied in india’s top engineering colleges need help urgently to prevent being cheated, exploited, sexually harassed by their cruel male engineering college classmates for years wasting indian tax payer money. these engineers who are physics toppers find that their shameless greedy fraud classmates who hold important jobs allegedly in indian intelliogence agencies like RAW/ CBI will cunningly steal their resumes for mediocre call girls and brahmin cheaters these officials are infatuated with to get these call girls and cheaters lucrative governmemt jobs.
While studying in college, the college will take measures to ensure the female students cannot be harmed by their cruel male classmates. However twenty years after graduation, a single woman obc engineer finds that her fraud electrical engineering classmates are falsely claiming that mediocre lazy greedy goan call girls cheater diploma holder cheater siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina, shivalli brahmin BBM bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, brahmin cheater riddhi were their engineering college classmate, to get these mediocre women government jobs.
The fraud greedy classmates of the obc engineer have not only stolen her retirement savings and resume, they are also attacking her daily with the most sophisticated weapons available in the country causing great pain, headache and memory loss,

None of these cruel cowardly classmates have the courage to face her , to justify their lies , cheating and human rights abuses in an open debate, they make up false stories to justify their crimes against humanity, , These shameless cruel engineers from a top college are worse than roadside goondas or school bullies attacking vulnerable people , as the goonda or bully will at least face the victim who he will attack,

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