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Recently I purchased a new phone after dropping my old one in the toilet. The first game I downloaded on my new phone was My Cafe, because other people said it was a good game. When I first tried the game, I actually liked it, but after a while I encountered a problem that made me very frustrated. Like with many games on the mobile market, this game had micro transactions that stalled the game. I remember the good old days when games didn’t have these techniques to drain all of your money. By using My Cafe cheats can anyone get around the micro transactions while still maintaining their sanity.

If I didn’t use the cheats, I would have either needed to wait a long time to progress through the game, or pay actual money.

There was no way I was going to waste money on a game that was already free from the beginning. The usage of money to pay for in game gold and diamonds, which were essentially nothing but lines of code attached to simple images, sounded pretty absurd. I bet the companies that make these games are laughing themselves always to the bank when people give them money for simple in game stuff.


Since having success with the cheats in My Cafe, I looked for cheats for other games on my phone. There was one racing game that I really enjoyed, but stopped playing because they wanted micro transactions to unlock some of the cars later in the game. I used a cheat on that and all of the cars were available for me to use. These cars have better handling and acceleration than the ones that are available at the start, and they come with special decals that can be moved around to the liking of the player.

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