Room height calculation shows that actor sushant singh rajput was probably murdered, did not commit suicide

Though the mainstream media has largely reported that sushant singh rajput committed suicide, on quora many people feel that he was probably murdered, did not commit suicide. There are many theories being posted online on quora
One of the more interesting theories is related to room height , posted by Sharad Shukla, Former Student, 10th Std, Mother Teresa Mission Higher Secondary School, Kanpur on quora, The answer is collapsed, yet it is copy pasted for reference

Height of sushant was 1.78 meter
Average height of roofs from floor is 2 to 2.5 m
Average height of bed is 24 inches which is equal to 0.6 meter .
Average height of ceiling fan rod is 3 to 6 inches equal to 0.1 meter
Height of the green curtain from which he hanged will be at least 0.5 to 0.8 metres
So if we see in news the ceiling fan was fixed above his bed
Total average height of roof was 2.5 m
Very few houses or flats have above 2.5 metres and his house was not one of them.
The sum of height of fan rod , curtain, Sushant’s height and bed height is 3.08 is half metres more than floor height which means if he would have tried to hang himself he would not be successful as he was standing.
The quora poster has also provided a diagram

A person cannot commit suicide by hanging, when his feet are placed securely on the bed, so clearly he may be murdered in some other way, and then made to hang from the ceiling almost immediately to make it look like a suicide. This again proves that mainstream media is not very reliable, it is only reporting what the police have said