Why are top officials stalking their classmate?

In One of the the longest running cases of stalking, engineers from a top college in Mumbai, working in intelligence and security agencies, have been actively stalking their harmless classmate, a single woman obc engineer, for more than 5 years using the most sophisticated equipment available in India, wasting tax payer money.

These cowardly officials did not have the courage to speak to their classmate in the 4 years they were in the same class in college, for twenty years after graduation, and will also not communicate with her for the next 40 years, yet these officials are insisting on wasting a huge amount of tax payer money for tracking all her activity. Why cannot these officials leave their classmate alone if they do not want to contact her , she has not interfered in their life and does not even know where they are.

Just because these officials are jealous of their harmless classmate and hate her, want to destroy her life, can the wastage of so much indian tax payer money be justified for a personal hatred and greed. Millions of men and women study in college together, after college few are bothered what their classmate does after college, unless they have an affair or are married or good friends. Then why are obviously dishonest officials who have stolen her impressive resume for their lazy greedy fraud friends , allowed to fake concern about honesty to stalk their classmate ?

How many women engineers have been stalked by their male classmates, holding important jobs, for more than 5 years after making completely false allegations against her, without proof,
Due to the poor systems in indian intelligence and security agencies, officials are allowed to waste any amount of tax payer money for stalking, ogling and sexually harassing any woman like their classmate who they hate?