Engineers waste tax payer money for sexual harassment of their classmate

In college engineers may want to harass or ogle at their classmate, yet they are unable to because the rules are strict. However when these engineers hold important government jobs in intelligence agencies, twenty years after college, these officials find that they can waste infinite tax payer money to sexually harass their classmate, without being questioned,
NTRO and intelligence agencies have extremely sophisticated aerial surveillance systems using satellites which can zoom on any person anywhere in the country, The equipment has officially been procured for defence and anti terrorist activities, and has also been described in the book, “Rataban betrayal” and media report. however the officials using the equipment are allowed complete freedom and they misused the equipment to ogle at their harmless single woman female classmate for years

Unlike cctv or other equipment which can be detected and removed, the engineer being sexually harassed can find no physical proof of the equipment to take legal action quickly. Finding the agency which has the aerial surveillance equipment and getting their records can be a difficult task for the engineer being harassed