Letting Others Do the Accounting While I Do the Work I Like to Do

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just go about the business of doing business without having to worry about documentation, receipts, invoices, bills taxes and other accounting chores? I was spending too much time reading manuals and entering data. It was taking away from actually doing business. Every minute I spend working with accounting software or reading about taxes takes away time I can actually spend with clients and doing the actual work I do that earns the money in the first place. This is why I do my accounting and tax in Singapore through a firm that handles it for me.

I work for myself so we are already talking 10 hour days or longer. I have to order new supplies, meet with clients, market what I already made, do accounting, do banking, return phone calls and emails and then it is almost lunchtime. Streamlining the paperwork side of my business brought back the desire to actually be in business. Well, let me take part of that back. What I do is my passion, but the business side of it is annoying and kills motivation. However, I need to earn money in order to pursue it. When the money starts coming in, then the paperwork and taxation starts. That is when it all bogs down into business that can get tedious. Relieving just a portion of that frees up more time to pursue the passion.

Getting my accounting and tax in Singapore done by a firm frees up a lot of time. I’m one of those guys that stuffs receipts, invoices and other papers into a big envelope and sends them to be interpreted by an accountant. I am not going to waste time organizing all that mess. I just want to do my work that motivates me. I let professionals handle the accounting. I like that word, “accounting.” The firm accounts for the business I do. They keep me straight with the government as far as taxes and fees go. This keeps me out of financial trouble with taxes and free to continue to pursue my work. Now I just need to not have to return so many phone calls and emails. That will free up a good two hours or more!