CBI encouraging ,rewarding semiliterate women like naina who drop out of school in India

Though officially women are encouraged to study, unofficially powerful sexist CBI officials are encouraging and rewarding mediocre housewives who drop out of school, and have only completed 8th standard, In panaji, goa the shameless fraud cbi officials, allegedly bribed by tata, google and other companies are abusing their powers, wasting tax payer money to spread false rumors that the semiliterate gujju housewife naina, owns domain names, including this one and the associated Paypal account.

In reality the semiliterate cbi sponsored fraud housewife naina does not know how to use computers, the internet and has not invested any money in domain names and does not have a Paypal account. However the top cbi officials want to reduce female literacy and education rates among women in India, so that the condition of indian women will be the worst in the world

So these powerful fraud shameless cbi officials are spreading completely false rumors that the semiliterate housewife naina owns this website, other domain names, so that other young women drop of school and follow the footsteps of the semiliterate housewife naina who the shameless fraud cbi officials have given great powers for being a semiliterate housewife.

On the other hand these section 420 shameless fraud cowardly CBI officials in goa are ruthlessly defaming the educated single woman engineer who actually controls the websites, domain names and Paypal account holder, in a clear indication of how educated women face state sponsored persecution in India.