Commerce college denied grants

A TV channel in Goa carried an interview with the former Union law minister Ramakant Khalap who was protesting against his college in Mandrem, Vikas Parishad’s Mandre college being denied grants. Mr Khalap was a 6 time MLA from Mandrem, and he was carrying a placard in protest of the unfair treatment he claimed his college was being subjected to due to which he could not start arts and science sections.

He allegedly that the politicians in power had their own college in the same area and he was carrying the placard in protest as there was no other way to get justice, to ensure that his message reached a large number of people. For middle aged people in Goa, during their youth, Mr Khalap was a very powerful politician, today the politics in goa and india have changed to a great extent due to the changing value systems in Indian society. Increasingly education is being manipulated by powerful people

Increasingly as electronic media is being tightly controlled in goa by a select group who cannot be easily identified, people are coming on the roads in Goa to register their protest carrying placards like Mr Khalap and the people protesting against the coconut tree being notified. Even a domain investor, Paypal account holder whose correspondence is being diverted without a court order to fraud cbi/R&AW employees in goa will have to use posters or placards to protest to reach a large number of people.