In a reflection of why indian colleges are ranked poorly throughout the world, the top officials in the indian internet sector are allegedly accepting bribes of free sex from mediocre young women to convert inexperienced bsc graduates to experienced engineers from top colleges, overnight in the government records and getting them lucrative government jobs in top intelligence agencies like R&AW .

The story of how the top officials in the indian internet sector stole the resume of their brilliant obc engineering college classmate for the inexperienced lazy greedy slim obc goan call girl sunaina to get the goan call girl a top job allegedly in R&AW has become world famous,
The lazy greedy Sunaina has not spent a single paisa on domain names, she only has been slept with sex starved top officials in the indian internet sector who then abuse their powers to spread false rumors that their darling call girl is a domain investor and was their engineering colege classmate.

It a reflection of the lack of morals and professional ethics in India that these shameless sex starved officials, allegedly in technical intelligence agencies like ntro can falsely claim that a bsc call girl sunaina, half their age, was their electrical engineering college classmate and do not face professional boycott or censure gt

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