India remains one of the poorest countries because the most brilliant hardworking citizens are forced to leave the country if they want to lead a live they deserve. The all powerful intelligence agency officials take a sadistic pleasure in ensuring that india remains one of the worst countries to live and work for brilliant hardworking citizens. Now the results of school, college and university exams are declared, hoping that some brilliant student will read this to avoid their life being destroyed

Brilliant Obc single women engineers are treated worse than slaves, as greedy fraud officials will steal their retirement savings of twenty years, without a court order or legally valid reason and cannot be held accountable,
These officials are allowed to make completely false allegations against harmless innocent brilliant citizens without proof to sexually harass them for years , cheat, exploit them and deny their fundamental right to earn a living and privacy.

Only in India do the powerful officials from the top engineering colleges in India think nothing of stealing the resume of their brilliant engineering college classmate a single woman for mediocre cheater goan CALL GIRLS diploma holder, siddhi mandrekar,bsc sunaina who sleep with them and BRAHMIN CHEATERS BBM nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, ruchika, veena, asmita patel these fraud officials are infatuated with, to get these frauds permanent government jobs allegedly in india’s external intelligence agency R&AW

Instead of being subjected to sexual harassment , cheating and exploitation for years as these shameless mainly brahmin officials ruthlessly harass a harmless innocent civilian to force her to agree to resume theft for their lazy greedy cheater mediocre relative and friends, well informed toppers leave for countries where the intelligence agency officials are more honest, patriotic and want their country to prosper.

The brilliant single woman obc engineer was not aware of the harsh reality of India of the shameless cruel fraud indian intelligence agency officials who seem to be completely devoid of humanity or morals. Today she is subjected to human rights abuses daily by these cruel animal officials out of hatred and to cover up their fraud of stealing her resume for CALL GIRLS AND BRAHMIN CHEATERS

As she wastes her time and money trying to trace the fraud government official allegedly in intelligence agencies to retrieve her retirement savings, all brilliant school and college toppers are advised to leave the country at the first chance, to avoid the theft of their retirement savings by fraud officials, daily human rights abuses and resume theft by greedy pampered well connected lazy call girls who sleep with these powerful officials and brahmin cheaters

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