No effort has been made to analyze why india has no science Nobel prize winner or has to import most of the defence equipment. This is because of the complete lack of scientific temper in the powerful intelligence agencies allegedly R&AW and CBI . Technical education and engineering degree from a top college is not treated as something an individual has worked hard for, more a status symbol which can be acquired overnight by any mediocre call girl, brahmin and other cheater.
Look at how call girls, brahmin and other cheaters have permanent jobs in R&AW stealing the brilliant resume of an obc engineer, falsely claiming to have a BTech 1993 electrical engineering degree because
1. they have commited corporate espionage on the obc engineer (diploma holder siddhi mandrekar)
2. because they are sleeping with the male BTech 1993 electrical engineering degree holder and other top officials(siddhi, sunaina)
3, have cheated the obc engineer of her hard earned money.(brahmin bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar)
4. their relatives and friends have defamed the obc engineer (riddhi)
5. have blackmailed a top official to give fake references (ruchika)
6. top officials are infatuated with the call girls and brahmin cheaters (siddhi, sunaina, nayanshree, riddhi, asmita patel,)
7. have betrayed a family member (veena)
When an engineering degree is treated like a status symbol like a car which can be bought overnight if a person has enough power, naturally the frauds faking an engineering degree have little technical knmowledge and their technical contribution will be zero, When frauds faking engineering degrees are employed with the all powerful top technical intelligence agencies, naturally the attitude treating degrees as a status symbol will become widespread

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