NTRO officials exploit engineering classmate to enjoy free sex, career promotion

For more than 5 years cruel fraud powerful ntro officials have ruthlessly exploited their harmless engineering college classmate to enjoy free sex, or get career promotion help. They put their harmless classmate, a single woman engineer under surveillance, wasting tax payer money, falsely claiming that they were extremely concerned about integrity.

In reality these cunning fraud ntro officials ruthlessly exploited their classmate for personal gain to find out everything they could about her. Then these officials puneet, j srinivasan, vijay pretended to know her very well, so that they could steal her resume for their mediocre lazy greedy cheater friends who offered sex bribes or career promotion, and get these frauds lucrative R&AW//CBI jobs.

The mediocre lazy greedy friends of the shameless fraud ntro officials would have not got the CBI/R&AW jobs with their own resume, because the section 420 cheater ntro officials commited a great fraud on their brilliant obc engineering classmate. Their friends, the fraud cbi/R&AW employees are getting a good salary, great powers for doing nothing at all.

After 5 years of the fraud, though the ntro officials are monitoring all the news being typed, they refuse to acknowledge their mistake and continue to make FAKE CLAIMS that their friends, the fraud CBI/R&AW employees are domain investors, paypal account holders, their btech 1993 EE classmates and are doing all the work online. Any suggestions to end the great lies of the shameless fraud NTRo officials at the earliest will be appreciated.