Engineers from top college plan financial fraud

The sheena bora murder case has become a classic example of the lack of ethics, personal integrity in Indian society, An honest person is the exception in India today, some engineers from top colleges are greater frauds than Indrani Mukherjea, ruthlessly betraying and exploiting their classmate to make their mediocre lazy greedy friends rich and powerful overnight at the expense of their classmate who they hate .

These engineers are directors of companies, hold important jobs, yet they have no qualms abusing their great powers and wasting tax payer money to grab all the assets of their harmless hardworking engineering college classmate, encouraging and rewarding people for making false allegations against her without any proof at all to ruin her reputation .

These cunning engineers then falsely claim to know her very well, so that they can steal her resume for all the fraud women they are infatuated with, to deny their classmate the opportunities she deserved. they also steal the retirement savings of the single woman engineer without a court order to blackmail her to agree to their unfair identity theft agreement. It has taken the engineer 5 years to realize the fraud of the top officials, and the harsh fact that these officials are unlikely to admit their mistake
Thus in India, being a science topper, does not mean that the person is honest, he may be the greatest fraud in the world

Why did pampered lazy greedy Goan GSB FRAUD riddhi not study for her engineering degree?

‘GSB officials like to falsely claim that they have succeeded because of education, yet the goodlooking goan GSB fraud riddhi is a classic example of a cheater who has got a lucrative job in R&AW faking her engineering degreee, The good looking GSB fraud riddhi with her permed hair was too lazy and mediocre to get admission to even the worst engineering degree college in India, yet her shameless fraud relatives and friends viciously defamed a brilliant obc engineer to falsely claim that the GSB goan fraud riddhi has the impressive resume of the OBC engineer,
Now the obc engineer finds that all her phone calls, smses are diverted to GSB fraud riddhi who demands a bribe for delivery or impersonates the obc engineer
So an open challenge to all the GSBs who proudly boast about their education, why is no action taken against the lazy greedy goan GSB fraud riddhi faking her engineering degree to steal the resume of a brilliant hardworking obc engineer and get a job allegedly in R&AW and great powers for her fraud?
A look alike of the shameless greedy lazy goan GSB fraud riddhi has been posted hoping that the fraud and her powerful shameless GSB family and friends stop falsely claiming that the greeedy GSB fraud riddhi is an experienced engineer, webmaster, Paypal account holder and domain investor to give the mediocre lazy riddhi great powers

When will the goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, their powerful families and friends Admit the harsh truth that like the other lazy greedy mediocre GSB fraud siddhi mandrekar, the good looking GSB fraud riddhi has got the lucrative job in R&AW only because she is a lazy greedy well connected brahmin from a powerful fraud GSB family who specialize in viciously defaming and torturing brilliant OBC engineers, especially bhandari and then falsely claiming the mediocre lazy GSB cheaters have the impressive resume of the brilliant obc engineer
Why does the obc engineer find that her phone calls are diverted to the lazy greedy goan gsb frauds riddhi siddhi, who make it impossible to speak to anyone on phone, getting directions to reach a place, why are the lazy greedy gsb frauds given so many powers for doing nothing except cheating and lies.

Please note that goan sluts siddhi,obc bsc call girl sunaina are also not associated with the website.

Brilliant obc professionals in India singled out of human rights abuses

The cruel fraud mainly brahmin officials in indian intelligence and security agencies are the most shameless cheaters and liars in the world . These officials who have the courage or honesty to justify their crimes in an open debate, falsely claim to be concerned about honesty, yet they are actually shameless frauds who will ruthlessly defame an innocent hardworking brilliant professional so that they can steal her impressive resume for the lazy greedy goan call girls siddhi, sunaina who sleep with them and well connected cheaters like nayanshree hathwar.
To avoid accusations of casteism they falsely claim that the inexperienced lazy greedy goan bsc obc call girl sunaina who sleeps with them, has the impressive resume of the obc engineer, to give the goan slut great powers while the obc engineer has got nothing.
Additionally the cruel fraud animal like officials ruthlessly attack the obc engineer through out the day whenever she will use the computer to cause great pain, falsely claim that the mediocre lazy greedy goan sluts, brahmin and other cheaters have the impressive resume of the brilliant obc engineer they are attacking,

No wonder that of the children who are not in school, 49% are SC/ST and 36% are OBC(Other backward classes), as the relentless atrocities of the cruel fraud mainly brahmin animal like officials on brilliant harmless obc professionals who are educated has become well known. Why should a obc woman engineer study hard for an engineering degree if her resume will be stolen for lazy greedy cheater brahmin women like the goan gsb riddhi siddhi, bengaluru shivalli brahmin cheater BBM nayanshree hathwar and obc call girls like bsc sunaina who sleep with these fraud officials, who will get jobs allegedly in R&AW and CBI falsely claiming that they have a Btech 1993 EE degree.
Allegedly google, tata, paypal have bribed top officials to steal the resume of the brilliant obc engineer for lazy greedy cheater goan call girls, brahmin and other cheaters in a Vyapam like fraud, yet no action has been taken till date

IIncompetent dishonest Indian intelligence agencies treat mediocre call girls, cheaters as experienced engineers

In an indication of the poor systems and corruption, incompetent dishonest Indian intelligence agencies treat inexperienced lazy greedy mediocre goan and other call girls, cheaters as experienced engineeers because these good looking cheaters have managed to get fake references of an engineering degree, experience from powerful intelligence agency officials who they sleep with or are infatuated with.
Making a complete mockery of the indian educational system, powerful officials allegedly bribed by google, tata, paypal falsely claim that inexperienced bsc sunaina, diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, cheater BBM nayanshree hathwar, greedy gsb lead thief riddhi and other frauds were their Btech 1993 electrical engineering classmate to give them great powers, a permanent job, salary and pension for the rest of their lives.
these frauds like greedy lazy goan gaud saraswat brahmin cheaters riddhi siddhi mandrekar, obc sunaina,veena, shivalli brahmin nayanshree did not bother to study hard to get admission to a top engineering college or work in a company honestly as they seem to be chronic liars and cheaters, they seduce powerful fraud officials to give them fake references of an engineering degree, stealing the resume of a brilliant obc engineer.

Why are top officials stalking their classmate?

In One of the the longest running cases of stalking, engineers from a top college in Mumbai, working in intelligence and security agencies, have been actively stalking their harmless classmate, a single woman obc engineer, for more than 5 years using the most sophisticated equipment available in India, wasting tax payer money.

These cowardly officials did not have the courage to speak to their classmate in the 4 years they were in the same class in college, for twenty years after graduation, and will also not communicate with her for the next 40 years, yet these officials are insisting on wasting a huge amount of tax payer money for tracking all her activity. Why cannot these officials leave their classmate alone if they do not want to contact her , she has not interfered in their life and does not even know where they are.

Just because these officials are jealous of their harmless classmate and hate her, want to destroy her life, can the wastage of so much indian tax payer money be justified for a personal hatred and greed. Millions of men and women study in college together, after college few are bothered what their classmate does after college, unless they have an affair or are married or good friends. Then why are obviously dishonest officials who have stolen her impressive resume for their lazy greedy fraud friends , allowed to fake concern about honesty to stalk their classmate ?

How many women engineers have been stalked by their male classmates, holding important jobs, for more than 5 years after making completely false allegations against her, without proof,
Due to the poor systems in indian intelligence and security agencies, officials are allowed to waste any amount of tax payer money for stalking, ogling and sexually harassing any woman like their classmate who they hate?

Call girls, brahmin cheaters become experienced engineers, VVIPs overnight in India

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In india, physics toppers are treated very badly as shameless greedy fraud powerful officials will steal their impressive resume for mediocre call girls who provide free sex and brahmin cheaters who these officials are infatuated with. The problem will be particularly severe for older women who are OBc and not well connected as these officials are extremely shameless, ruthless and greedy

The stolen resumes of the brilliant experienced obc engineer will be used to appoint the mediocre lazy greedy call girls like ruthless cheater diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, obc call girl bsc sunaina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree hathwar, riddhi to very lucrative government jobs which these mediocre greedy fraud women would have never got with their own mediocre resume. The officials who steal resumes of brilliant vulnerable obc engineers then waste infinite indian tax payer money to ensure that their fraud will never be exposed, putting the obc engineer under surveillance for more than 5 years.

While the resume theft will be very convenient for the mediocre lazy greedy call girls and brahmin cheaters who will get a good salary and pension faking their qualification, experience, the biggest loser is the country as tax payer money will be wasted paying inflated salaries to extremely mediocre greedy lazy fraud women. the talent and experience of a brilliant obc engineer will also be wasted

The post has been made to expose the shameless VVIP goan call girls cheater siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, brahmin cheaters bangalore houswife nayanshree hathwar, riddhi, ruchika, veena who have got government job, salary, pension because they falsely claim to own the websites, when they are GREEDY LAZY LIARS whose shameless fraud friends and relatives have sexually harassed, cheated and defamed, STOLEN the retirement savings and resume of a vulnerable single woman OBC engineer.

This will clarify who owns the websites, pays the bills and is the real exporter. These fraud women, their greedy shameless friends and relatives can pay the market value instead of making FALSE CLAIMS TO GET GOVERNMENT JOBS, salary and pension. why are GREEDY LAZY LIARS MADE VVIPS WITH STOLEN RESUMES OF AN OBC ENGINEER.

Powerful fraud engineers pretend to be honest saints

All companies and government organizations should be aware of an extremely powerful gang of fraud engineers with a Btech 1993 EE degree who pretend to be very honest saints, yet are some of the most cruel shameless fraud engineer India has ever produced. These cheap dishonest cruel men hate their obc engineering college classmate and claim that as many as 7-8 lazy greedy frauds have the impressive resume of their classmate. A list of the pampered fraud girlfriends of these fraud officials who they falsely claim was their Btech 1993 EE classmate to get these lazy greedy goan call girls and cheaters government jobs, in a fraud worse than the Vyapam fraud
2013 Bsc obc goan call girl sunaina who sleeps with them
2012 Diploma holder, cheater and call girl siddhi mandrekar
BBM brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, with a 2005 BBM degree from bhandarkar’s college of arts and science, kundapura, udupi, karnataka
goan gsb fraud riddhi
mba hr ruchika
Housewife veena
stock broker asmita patel.

None of these women wanted to work hard for an engineering degree or experience, they rely on their powerful fraud male friends to abuse their great powers to give fake references to these mediocre cheaters, stealing the impressive resume of their obc engineering college classmate whose these shameless fraud men hate,

Where the honesty of these powerful Btech 1993 EE engineers, allegedly working in indian intelligence agencies, disappeared when they falsely claim that assorted inexperienced lazy greedy goan call girls and cheaters were their engineering college classmate to deny their obc classmate the opportunities she deserved

Want to buy radiation meters in India

Looking suitable measuring instruments for measuring high power radiation beams which are used to cause great pain to people. These beams are directed energy weapons and the pain will be experienced for a short period of time, usually less than a minute at a time. When USB dongles are used for internet connectivity especially for Idea,Vodafone, Airtel, the internet user will usually experience great pain, making it difficult to work online, forcing them to disconnect.

The instrument should measure the peak power of the radiation, radiation frequency and capture the exact time, date at which the radiation levels are high. The biological and health hazards of the high radiation levels have already been documented, extensively online and offline.

This information will be needed to appeal to human rights organization across the world so that the officials misusing the equipment can be held accountable and stop misusing these powerful invisible weapons to torture people who they hate or dislike. More details of requirement at electronic torture , email :

Cruel officials trying to murder classmate for goan call girls, cheaters

In a reflection of how poorly managed india’s technical intelligence agencies are, cruel fraud officials allegedly in NTRO are wasting a huge amount of tax payer money trying to murder their harmless engineering collge classmate for lazy greedy goan call girls diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, obc bsc sunaina who they sleep with, brahmin cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar, veena, ruchika, asmita patel.

These powerful fraud officials have falsely claimed that the goan callgirls, brahmin and other cheaters were their Btech 1993 Electrical engineering classmates to get all these frauds permanent government jobs allegedly in R&AW . Now these shameless cruel men are not willing to admit or correct their mistake of claiming that their mediocre lazy friends were their classmates, Instead these cruel men are wasting tax payer money to commit the most terrible human rights abuses daily on their harmless innocent classmate who they have sexually harassed for years.

The most sophisticated equipment which has procured for tracking terrorists has been deployed by these cruel cowardly men, especially J srinivasan who is infatuated with obc call girl bsc sunaina, to track the harmless woman. She cannot work during the day as these cruel men will track and attack her to cause great pain. These men have been relentless in attacking her for more than 5 years. If she will stay at one place they will attack her, The human rights commission of India has refused to help the harmless single woman engineer, whose retirement savings are also stolen by these fraud officials without a court order.

Allegedly Google, tata, and paypal have instigated/bribed these officials to waste tax payer money for the murder attempt. When will the cruel cowardly officials stop attacking the harmless single woman for their darling call girls and cheaters, wasting a huge amount of Indian tax payer money.

The complete lack of scientific temper in India

No effort has been made to analyze why india has no science Nobel prize winner or has to import most of the defence equipment. This is because of the complete lack of scientific temper in the powerful intelligence agencies allegedly R&AW and CBI . Technical education and engineering degree from a top college is not treated as something an individual has worked hard for, more a status symbol which can be acquired overnight by any mediocre call girl, brahmin and other cheater.
Look at how call girls, brahmin and other cheaters have permanent jobs in R&AW stealing the brilliant resume of an obc engineer, falsely claiming to have a BTech 1993 electrical engineering degree because
1. they have commited corporate espionage on the obc engineer (diploma holder siddhi mandrekar)
2. because they are sleeping with the male BTech 1993 electrical engineering degree holder and other top officials(siddhi, sunaina)
3, have cheated the obc engineer of her hard earned money.(brahmin bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar)
4. their relatives and friends have defamed the obc engineer (riddhi)
5. have blackmailed a top official to give fake references (ruchika)
6. top officials are infatuated with the call girls and brahmin cheaters (siddhi, sunaina, nayanshree, riddhi, asmita patel,)
7. have betrayed a family member (veena)
When an engineering degree is treated like a status symbol like a car which can be bought overnight if a person has enough power, naturally the frauds faking an engineering degree have little technical knmowledge and their technical contribution will be zero, When frauds faking engineering degrees are employed with the all powerful top technical intelligence agencies, naturally the attitude treating degrees as a status symbol will become widespread

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